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(without hiring an expensive agency)

Here’s how my team and I can help you grow your business at a fraction of the cost of a traditional email marketing agency.

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to make more sales from your email list, this is going to be the most important message you read all day.

Hey, I'm

Chris Orzechowski

I’m the owner of Orzy Media, an email marketing agency that works with digital product companies and e-commerce brands.

We’ve helped hundreds of brands skyrocket their sales, improve their cash flow, and increase retention.

And now, we’d like to help you, too.

But I don't think you should hire us.


Maybe An Agency Isn’t What You Need

After conversations with hundreds of clients, the team and I realized something:

Not everyone NEEDS to hire an agency to manage their email marketing.

In fact, for some brands, it’s a terrible decision!

On top of that, every client we worked with expressed the fact that they want to learn the STRATEGY behind our email marketing system... so they can do it themselves or bring it in-house one day.

That got us thinking…

What If We Could Deliver

100% Of The Results Of Working With An Agency… At Only 5% Of The Cost?

It’s a crazy idea, right?

But when you really think about it, when you hire an agency, you’re paying a premium for EVERYTHING.

Even for things like the time it takes to load up and email and schedule it to go out. 

That money could probably be spent better elsewhere in your business (or in your personal life).

Our private clients pay us north of $10,000/month for a retainer.

But we’ve devised a way where we can work WITH you and your team to help you get the EXACT SAME results… while paying less than 5% of the normal cost of working with us.


A “done-with-you” monthly coaching program designed to help you grow your revenue from email by 20-100%

(without having to hire an agency!)

The Winner’s Circle is our small group coaching program where we work with you every single day on improving your email marketing skills.

We’ll help you increase your revenue and engagement, power up your copy skills, and maximize your results from email.

The more you participate, the more we’ll work with you.

We’re going to do everything in our power to give you the skills, coaching, guidance, and PERSONALIZED feedback you need to take your email marketing program to the next level. 

Every month, we're going to help you:

Analyze your data and determine huge revenue opportunities

Write, build, and optimize all your email flows

Brainstorm ideas for your upcoming launches and broadcasts

Plan out your promo calendar for the months ahead

Increase your copy's conversion rate across every aspect of your email marketing (including SMS, product pages and ads!)

PLUS, We're Going To Show You The Exact Step-By-Step Process We've Used To Drive Sales For Brands Like:

Here's What You Get Inside The Winner's Circle

Private Members Area With Channels For All Your Email Marketing Needs

We’ve have a number of sub groups where we’ll help you with every aspect of your email marketing, including:

Account Audits

Promo Calendar Planning




List Growth



A/B Testing

Product Page Copy

And Much, Much More!

Unlimited Email Marketing Coaching

& Copy Critiques

Show us the emails you’re working on and we’ll help you take your campaigns, flows, and product launches to the next level.

All you have to do is post your questions, show us screenshots, send a Loom recording or link us to your Google Doc... and our team will jump right on in and give you direct, personalized feedback.

We're all active inside the group EVERY SINGLE DAY — Monday to Friday. 


You'll get to see the advice we’re giving to ALL of the other brand owners and copywriters in the group.

Which means you'll end walking away with even MORE strategies than you'd normally get just hiring an agency.

Ask-Us-Anything Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Every Tuesday afternoon, we meet for a live group coaching call where we’ll walk you through whatever email-related problem you’re trying to solve.

All calls are recorded. So if you can’t make it you can always submit a question or piece of copy beforehand and catch the recording later.

Here are the types of groups calls inside The Winner's Circle:

Orzy's Office Hours

On these calls, we discuss your business growth plan, high-level strategy, brand & product positioning, email campaign architecture, mindset, and more.

Kickass Creative Sessions

Twice a month you’ll meet up with our Creative Director Angie Colee to talk calendaring, strategy, copy angles and hooks, and all things creative.


Once a month, our CTO Matt Spangler will be available for live Q&A and mini trainings on all things not copy. He covers all things tech (flows, site integrations, Zapier, analytics, automation  strategies)... as well as all aspects of SMS (strategy, legal, tech).

Monthly Featured Deep Dive Trainings

We add new trainings and mini-courses every single month.

Just tell us what you’re struggling with and we might turn it into next month’s training. Simple.

Some of the popular trainings you’ll find inside include:

Intro To Promo Calendaring

Use this simple process to plan out an entire month of emails in less than 10 minutes.

Calendaring 201

What do you do when you’re trying to run multiple promotions each month to different segments across different channels? This training will help simplify the chaos so you can stay organized and maximize sales and engagement.

Lightning-Fast Hook Creation

Learn how to bang out high-converting email hooks and story ideas so you can write emails in half the time (and make even more sales than ever before).

Instant Access To

The Winner's Circle Private Training Suite

We’ve added a few bonus courses you can ONLY find inside The Winner’s Circle.

And we’re constantly adding new modules, including:

Campaign Warrior

Stuck trying to figure out what kind of campaign emails to send to your customers? Learn our most popular campaign frameworks you can use week after week to make a boatload of sales while building a ton of goodwill with your customers.

Flow Foundations

Want to get ALL of your core email flows set up in one day flat? Flow Foundations breaks down exactly how to build all the core flows and lifecycle automations we use at Orzy Media to help our clients generate passive revenue from their business.

Black Friday Bootcamp

Discover the secrets behind some of our highest converting Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns ever. This is must watch, especially if you plan on running any kind of holiday sales at any point throughout the year.

"Top Secret" Agency Templates

We’ve taken a few of our internal SOPs and process documents and uploaded them to make running your email marketing program 10x easier.

Why reinvent the wheel? We’ve already done the hard work for you.

That's why once you're in, you'll gain immediate access to copies of our:

Master Copy Creation Document

Quick Wins Promo Calendar

Performance Audit Sheet

Promo Calendar Planner

Editorial Calendar Planner

Grow Your Email Revenue Fast With Direct Guidance From A Team Of Email Experts

Chris Orzechowski

Founder & CEO

Over the last eight years, Chris has helped 250+ brands grow their revenue with email.

He has also published two bestselling books on email marketing called Make It Rain and Scale While You Sleep. He’s also coached over 2,100 students around the world on how to write high-converting email campaigns.

Angie Colee

Creative Director

Angie is an email expert who's coached and run creative teams for companies like Lowe's, Product Launch Formula, and Copy Chief.

She is also the host of the Permission to Kick Ass podcast, and travels full-time with her cat, Stella.

Matt Spangler

Chief Technology Officer

Matt has been architecting digital marketing and lead generation solutions for over 15 years.

Whether its for Orzy Media, its clients or his very own ecomm brand Legacy of Hope Coffee, Matt is best known for coming up with growth strategies that "just work" through his decades of knowledge in consumer psychology.

Here's What People Are Saying About The Winner's Circle...

"All my personal questions about my struggles with email or copy were addressed within minutes.

There are so many channels and motivated people with similar goals and mindsets that if you put in the time and effort, you will get so much out of this program. If you're on the fence, join... you won't regret it!" 


Email Marketing Specialist

"Our revenue per email campaign and subscriber nearly tripled. That’s right. Tripled!"

Our open and engagement rates doubled since implementing the methods and advice I learned after just 30 days of joining The Winner’s Circle.

Chris and his amazing team literally create a circle of winners through this coaching course.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business.


CEO of Best Life Leashes

“I feel like my copy has become much better in just the first 1-2 months of joining!

As Angie and Chris always say, the fastest way to learn and become better is to write and get feedback from someone who's already done it. They are honestly amazing mentors. If you're thinking of joining, here are 3 words... JUST DO IT!" 


Email Copywriter

"Honest and effective feedback that has helped me successfully navigate several potential minefields... 

Living in creative isolation is never a good thing for a solo copywriter... 

So having easy access to an extra set of eyes and brains in my corner has been invaluable . And it's even better when those eyes and brains are attached to world-class coaches, as well as other community members.

I've been able to brainstorm various email, landing pages, and ad strategies and tactics with the group.

No matter how much experience you may or may not have, if you’re serious about becoming the best copywriter and email marketer you can be, then you owe it to yourself and your business to join The Winner's Circle."


CEO of Ronin Creative Group

How Much Is

The Winner's Circle?

The Winner’s Circle is drop in the bucket compared to traditional email marketing agencies.

You can get unlimited monthly coaching for just:


That's it.

For just $495/month, you get instant access to:

Weekly group coaching calls to help you grow your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from email

New trainings each month to help increase sales

Monthly promo calendar planning

Email flow optimization strategies

Access to our private, VIP coaching community

Guidance on SMS flows & campaigns (to increase owned revenue)

Help with analytics, A/B testing, segmentation, list growth, and more!

All you have to do is click the button below to join today.

Stay as long as you want by renewing each month. Or cancel anytime.


Why You Should Join The Winner's Circle Right Now

The Winner's Circle only opens its doors every couple of months after some of its current members are ready to step out. 

If you know you need to start writing better emails and getting better results... this is an easy choice.

Click the button below right now and join us inside The Winner's Circle today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does membership payment work exactly?

When joining for the first time, you'll be billed $495 immediately and will be able to renew at the same rate at the start of each month until you cancel your membership.

What platform is The Winner's Circle hosted on?

We host everything through the platform... which you can easily access using your browser or the Circle iOS mobile app.

How do the live calls work exactly?

We go live on Zoom every Tuesday and go through all email-related questions and challenges the group has for that session.

You're free to show up and participate if there's something you want us to look at... or you can just sit back and learn from what others are bringing to the table that day.

How many people will be on each group session?

We're usually about 12 - 15 people on a call, give or take.

Will all my questions get answered during the live group calls?

Yes. We'll keep answering for as long as it takes to get through everyone’s questions. And if somehow we do run out of time, we'll make arrangements to ensure you're fully accommodated.

What kind of questions can I ask once I'm inside The Winner's Circle?

You can ask us literally anything about how to improve your email performance and marketing copy.

For example, if you're not sure what's going on with your email performance... you can send us screenshots and we'll take a look and get back to you with ideas.

If you've got emails, Facebook ads, and even product page copy... you can ask us for feedback and we'll give you tips on how to punch it all up to increase your conversions.

Seriously. You can ask us anything. We're here to give you everything you need to take your emails to the next level.

Will I have to wait before accessing anything inside the program?

Nope! You'll have access to all past coaching call recordings, trainings, resources and agency templates the second you join.

I've still got questions!

No problem. Just email me at chris[at]

Join The Winner's Circle Today

Like I said, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get agency results at 5% of the cost.

If you're ready to start generating crazy amounts of revenue with your emails, click the button below and sign up right now.

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